Walking the Circles

Prison Chronicles


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Walking the Circle - Prison Chronicles
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 "A life filled with passion, trouble, and general shit­-kicking may be the best life to have, but probably only if you are Tony Serra, wily defense lawyer, generous supporter of perilous causes, devoted custodian of just about everyone except himself. Recently, he continued his mission of disruptive merry­making while incarcerated for a little matter of federal taxes he decided not to off er a federal government which he considers hostile to the poor, immigrants, Native Americans, and folks who enjoy a bit of inner transportation by means of forbidden substances." 
– From the Foreword & Customer Alert by Herbert Gold


"Tony Serra's Walking the Circle: Prison Chronicles, is a wonder, as is the author. Not since Clarence Darrow has a trial lawyer attracted such envious attention in court. Not since Byron has there been a more poetic, passionate def ender of liberty. Tony's book almost makes you want to spend time in jail." 
John Keker, Esq. 


"Most lawyers do not have the faintest idea what awaits their client after a guilty verdict. Most lawyers could not name a single prison where their former client now lives. But Tony Serra is different. He knows that being in prison is a sign of integrity when living in an unjust society. His visit in prison did not result from lying, cheating or stealing from others. He went there for living justly, and for refusing the biggest scam of all. Tony went to prison because he will not give money to a government that has war on everything." 
–From the Afterword by Charles Carbone, Esq.

Except from Walking the Circle: 

Friday night at Lompoc Federal Prison Camp: after a dinner of battered deep-fried chicken strips, canned corn, faded green lettuce and a banana, I walked the circle around the camp alone, tonight. The muscles around my two hip replacements hurt a little, five days of unaccustomed physical work had stiffened them up. I walked slowly and stiff-legged. The fog had come in early, the air was a bit chilled, and my spirits were elevated." 

About the Author: 

Tony Serra is of the greatest criminal defense lawyers of the 20th century. He has spent his life defending those charged with the worst with nowhere else to go. He is a Stanford University graduate in Philosphy and Boalt Hall in Law Review. He has been practicing law for over 40 years. In his years as an attorney, he has represented the Black Panthers to the Hell's Angels and the Mafia. His offices are in San Francisco where he continues to practice to this day.                       

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