Fresh Eyes Upon the World

Making Life a Spectacular Journey


Available Spring 2019 | $17.95 | 300 pages | ISBN: 978-0-9988310-4-6


“Fresh Eyes Upon The World by Neal Grace is meant to inspire the reader to a broader understanding of the challenges we face in the world. It acts as a catalyst to make the reader think about who they are and how they can advance themselves as a holistic and conscious person in daily life. Uplifting and encouraging, it stresses that we are all special and have something of value to contribute. Ultimately, it is a reminder of what a precious gift it is to be alive.”

–Isabella Michon

The purpose of this short book is to offer important questions and answers relevant to almost all of us. The answers are my own, but I believe these answers embody a sense of wisdom and truth designed to encourage you to draw your own conclusions. We all need to get a clearer perspective of who we are. We need to assimilate new information that will broaden our understanding of ourselves and of our world. The answers in this book are intended to inspire you to step bravely forward by following the passionate dreams of your soul. You have a purpose between your birth and your death. The world needs your contribution no matter how small or how significant. We are all in this show together. The more conscious we are, the more successful we will be in transforming fear, doubt, anger and resignation into joy, fulfillment and triumph.

 “This book is a must read for every human! Neal Grace peels away at our learned behaviors and beliefs to their raw core for examination and reflection.”

   —Milisav Ilic, Ed.D, Administrative Director Instructional Support Vorona-Norco Unified School District, CA

Neal Grace Final Portrait 02lr.jpg

Neal Grace grew up in Massachusetts and later traveled around the world. His life has been synonymous with adventure and discovery. Loving Nature, art, music and theater, Neal used these facets of life to form a powerful, deep and passionate philosophy how to live a meaningful and inspirational life. He lives with his wife Jacky in San Rafael, California.