San Francisco Childhood
edited by John van der Zee

Book Cover, San Francisco Childhood

November 28, 2011

Available now | $15.00 | 238 Pages | Pictures | ISBN 978-0-97839264-0-5

Grizzly Peak Announces Publication of San Francisco Childhood "As a child of the City myself, I find John van der Zee's San Francisco Childhood a captivating read. He depicts a city defined by change, narrating a cultural evolution through the fresh perspective of youth. Each essay and interview reveals an intimate chapter in the City's history, reminding us how--through constant reinvention--San Francisco became what it is today." -- Dianne Feinstein, US Senator, former Mayor of San Francisco

KENSINGTON, CA, November 28, 2011-- John van der Zee, author of Canyon and The Gate, has gathered together a delightful collection of stories by San Francisco natives, both luminaries and just plain folks.

The tales range from poignant to wry to charmingly funny, demonstrating the idiosyncratic nature that is our every San Franciscan. Included in the book are works featuring Robert Frost, Isadora Duncan, Maya Angelou, Joe DiMaggio and many more, forming a magical portrait of what it means to grow up in The City.

"John van der Zee has collected magic memories of some of the lucky children of San Francisco." --Herbert Gold, author of Fathers

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What a terrific way to give an authentic voice to people and events that have shaped San Francisco! This anthology of mostly first-person accounts has a surprise waiting on every page - you will come to appreciate the rich, checkered life of the city through the eloquence of the more recently famous and through others who this book rescues from obscurity.
The editor, John van der Zee, is clearly wise to the ways of the city - read this book for a deeper appreciation of San Francisco, and of people around you. May this book remind you that there is no such thing as an ordinary person!  -- nonnie

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